Don Cento

Producer / Guitarist / Composer / Designer - Austin, TX


Behold! A bunch of records. Some of these I've played on. Some of these I've recorded or mixed. Some of these I've produced. Click a cover for more details.

Todd Deatherage
Good Feeling (single) (2021)

Mastered by James Driscoll.

The Suitcase Junket
The End is New (2020)

Produced by Steve Berlin. I tracked bass - performed by Scott Davis - on a couple of songs.

Jason & Brit
Hands So Clean (single) (2020)

Another great synth-y song by Jason & Brit. Jason had the track very well sorted when it was time to track vocals. I engineered vocals… read more

Jerry David DeCicca
The Unlikely Optimist and His Domestic Adventures (2020)

Very happy to be involved in this fantastic piece of work. JDD writes deeply wonderful and idiosyncratic songs. Trying to figure out a way into… read more

Jason & Brit
Champion (single) (2020)

The Merles
Middle of the Night (2020)

Margaret Chavez
Into An Atmosphere (2020)

Vitskär Süden
Vitskär Süden (2020)

Mastered by James Driscoll.

Bret Egner
Tapestry (2020)

Imbroglio Sextet
Greetings from Gran Hostal El Chiscón (2020)

Jason & Brit
Farther (single) (2020)

Trinity River Ramblers
Made in Manchaca (2020)

Rent Party
High Five and Rotate (2020)

Will Beeley
Highways and Heart Attacks (2019)

Jerry David DeCicca
Burning Daylight (2018)

Static Diary

Other Nature (2018)

Synthesizer on “Underneath”

Imbroglio Sextet
Imbroglio Haitiano (2018)

Sarah Jaffe
Bad Baby (2017)

Cara Pollard
Esta No Es Un Trompeta (2015)

Jerry David DeCicca
While No One Was Looking: Toasting 20 Years Of Bloodshot Records (Compilation) (2014)

Jerry's contribution to this comp is a cover of “Broken Bottle” by Alejandro Escovedo.

Kevin Aldridge
The Viper Sessions (2014)

Chimes At Midnight & How Shall We Then Live? (2014)

I contributed synth on the song Young And Alive.

Idol Records
Idol Christmas (2011)

Compilation featuring original tracks by El Cento & Shibboleth.

The Rodeo
Music Maelström (2010)

Trey Johnson
Mount Pelée (2009)

Falter Waver Cultivate (2008)

Guitar Solo

Let’s Get to Second (2004)

King of Yesterday (2001)

Onward Quirky Soldiers (2001)

Idol Records
Electric Ornaments (2000)

Compilation featuring Chomsky's cover of "Christmastime is Here"

Brad Thompson & the Undulating Band
9,000,000 Beat Per Minute (1997)