Don Cento

Producer / Guitarist / Composer / Designer - Austin, TX

The Unlikely Optimist and His Domestic Adventures

Jerry David DeCicca

Very happy to be involved in this fantastic piece of work. JDD writes deeply wonderful and idiosyncratic songs. Trying to figure out a way into them is like shimmying through a too-narrow cave on a tightrope while baking a soufflé. Any false or dishonest move and the soufflé will collapse, the tightrope will break and you’ll get wedged in the cave and have to cut off your own arm with a switchblade to escape.

I mean that in the best possible way. Pretty sure we got pretty dang close on this record.

Humbled, as always, to be alongside a cast of luminaries: Augie Meyers, Ralph White, @spiritcave (who sings more lovelier than Eve?), the booty-quaking , tooth-rattling, spine-tingling low-end authority of His Majesty @tumatet, as well as several other stellar musicians whom I don’t know/didn’t get to work directly with. Alongside these wizards, I contributed electric guitar, synthesizer, a string arrangement and some light engineering.

Of special note is the truly wonderful mix by @chrisshawmix. It’s really a thing of subtle beauty.

Standout track: “West Texas Trilogy.” Headphones for that one.