Don Cento

Producer / Guitarist / Composer / Songwriter
Austin, TX

Greetings. I’m Don Cento.

I’m a musician in general but more specifically I play guitar, write songs and sing those songs. I also compose instrumental pieces and I occasionally produce recordings, mix recordings and do some arranging.

I’ve been intimately involved with the guitar since I was in seventh grade which, if memory serves, was around 1985. I was struck by a bolt of lighting in the form of a Flamenco guitar player (Ronald Radford, for the completists out there) during a special performance in band class. Soon after that it was Eddie Van Halen and after that a snowball of guitar players and bands and countless hours in the basement and practice rooms. I matriculated at the University of North Texas and earned my BA in Jazz Guitar Performance in 1995.

Since it all began I’ve had the good fortune to play with a ton of great bands and artists and make a bunch of cool records. I've recorded, toured or shared the stage with Jude, The Tomorrow People, Chomsky, Little Jack Melody, Johnny Burke, Bluesqueezebox, The Barton Hills Choir, Trey Johnson, Jerry David DeCicca, Bonnie Whitmore, Charlie Sexton, Ray Benson, Stuart Murdoch (Belle and Sebastian) and many others.

In 2016 I had a few placements with my band El Cento, most notably in the FOX sitcom Grandfathered. Additionally I provided some theme music for an Austin-based comedy show ATX Uncensored(ish) which is, regrettably, no longer on the air. I’m fairly certain my music had nothing to do with that…

I'm currently performing with…

I'm available for production, arranging, composing/song-writing and mixing.If you've got any questions please don't hesitate to drop me a line for more info.


  • Vitskär Süden
    self-titled (2020)
    Co-Producer, Mixing, Keyboards, Background Vocals

  • Imbroglio Sextet
    Greetings from Gran Hostal El Chiscón (2020)
    Producer, Mixing

  • Jason & Brit
    Farther (single) (2020)
    Vocal engineering

  • Bret Egner
    Tapestry (2020)
    Recording Engineer

  • Rent Party
    High Five and Rotate (2019)
    Recording Engineer, Mixing

  • Dena Hope
    In Transit (2019)
    Producer, Arranger, Guitars, Synthesizer

  • Trinity River Ramblers
    Made in Manchaca (2019)
    Recording Engineer, Mixing

  • Chris Gantry
    Nashlantis (2019)
    Merge Records
    Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Synthesizer, Mandolin

  • Will Beeley
    Highways and Heart Attackes (2019)
    Tompkins Square Records
    Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Lap Steel

  • Ume
    Other Nature (2018)
    Modern Outsider
    Synthesizer on “Underneath”

  • Static Diary
    S/T (2018)
    Goliad Media

  • Jerry David DeCicca
    Burning Daylight (2018)
    Super Secret Records
    Acoustic and Electric guitar.

  • Sarah Jaffe
    Bad Baby (2017)
    Kirtland Records
    Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer

  • Cara Pollard
    Esta No Es Un Trompeta (2015)
    Producer, Guitar, Arranger, Mixing Engineer

  • Jerry David DeCicca
    While No One Was Looking: Toasting 20 Years Of Bloodshot Records (Compilation) (2014)
    Bloodshot Records
    Guitar, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer on “Broken Bottle”

  • Deadman
    Chimes At Midnight & How Shall We Then Live? (2014)
    Rootsy.Nu Records
    Synthesizer on “Young And Alive”

  • Kevin Aldridge
    The Viper Sessions (2013)
    Electric Guitar

  • Imbroglio Sextet
    Imbroglio Haitiano (2013)

  • El Cento
    S/T (2011)
    Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Co-Producer

  • Trey Johnson
    Where the East Ends (2010)
    Idol Records
    Guitar, Songwriter, Co-Producer, String And Horn Arrangements

  • Trey Johnson
    Mount Pelée (2009)
    Idol Records
    Producer, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, String And Horn Arrangement

  • The Rodeo
    Music Maelström (2009)
    Emergence / naïve
    Electric Guitar

  • Shibboleth
    Experiment in Error (2008)
    Idol Records
    Guitar, Lap Steel, Songwriter, Co-Prodcuer

  • Calhoun
    Falter Waver Cultivate (2008)
    Artist Garage
    Guitar Solo

  • Chomsky
    Let’s Get to Second (2004)
    Aezra Records

  • Shibboleth
    S/T (2003)
    Guitar, Lap Steel, Co-Producer

  • Chomsky
    Onward Quirky Soldiers (2001)
    Idol Records

  • Jude
    King of Yesterday (2001)
    Maverick Recording Company / Warner Bros.
    Guitar, keyboards

  • Brad Thompson & the Undulating Band
    9,000,000 Beat Per Minute (1998)
    Aaron Ave Records
    Electric Guitar


Here is a grab-bag of tunes featuring my songwriting, guitar playing, singing, producing, arranging, etc. More stuff can be found on my SoundCloud Page.


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Feel free to drop a line to discuss anything you've seen on the page or (just about) anything at all.

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